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New County Health Orders on Employee Face Covering Requirements for Essential Businesses & Govt'

On April 17, several California counties announced the requirement for individuals to wear a face covering when they need to leave their home to work or obtain essential goods and services. This includes requiring employees who work for Essential Businesses and Government Functions to wear a face covering while at work in most settings. As the requirements for each county vary, below are some general guidelines regarding the impact of these new requirements in the workplace (

Boucher Law Offers Free Training Webinars to Tackle COVID-19 Issues in the Workplace

Boucher Law is honored to partner with CalGovHR, California's leading statewide organization representing over 10,000 public sector and nonprofit human resources professionals at the federal, state, and local government levels, to provide timely and relevant training on issues faced by HR professionals related to COVID-19 in the workplace. Titled the "Leading HR Through COVID-19" webinar series, each webinar session is intended to discuss rapidly evolving matters related to C

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