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Boucher Law @ 2023 CalGovHR Annual Conference & Expo - Sonoma, CA

The Boucher Law team was delighted to be at this year's 2023 CalGovHR Annual Conference & Expo in Sonoma this month. With team members, Ariana Zapien, Adam Jennings, Jill Engelmann, Margaret Ramirez, Christopher Boucher, Samantha Ravera and Marc Zafferano in attendance (from left to right in picture), we have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all of the attendees as well as hosting a special intimate dinner with clients and friends to celebrate everyone over the past couple of years.

In addition, Adam Jennings, Marc Zafferano and Christopher Boucher presented on several relevant and up-to-date topics for all of the HR professionals in attendance on these topics:

  • Dissecting the Anatomy of Grievances and Arbitrations

  • Strategies for a Successful Discipline Case - Meetng the Elements of Just Cause

  • First Amendment Audits – How to Prepare Your Workforce To Respond

  • It’s Complicated … Understanding The Psychological Profiles of Difficult Employees

We also co-presented the 2023 Public Sector Labor and Employment Law with RTGR Law, LLP, which included statutory changes and new laws affecting public sector and nonprofit HR in the Golden State, with contents are carefully crafted to bring the most relevant and California-specific legal updates to get HR professionals ready for the new year. In addition, with the adoption of the Cal/OSHA Non-Emergency COVID Regulation, the legal updates also featured legal analyses from both the employment and workers’ compensation perspectives to help employers stay compliant.

Lastly, we were honored to present this year's keynote presentation, Catching Leadership from Within by best-selling author and keynote speaker, Michael Leytem, and learned how could leadership development resonate with more people in a non-threatening way while still promoting the elements of mental health and wellbeing.

Thank you to all of the attendees, clients and friends for the privilege of serving you and supporting our HR Heroes. Remember, you can't spell "HERO" without "HR", and we're grateful to be alongside with each and every one of you!

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