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Mt. View Sanitary District - Associate Engineer

Boucher Law is pleased to be retained by the Mt. View Sanitary District to conduct a recruitment for its Associate Engineer position. This is an exciting opportunity to join an organization made up of dedicated, professional employees that are committed to providing exceptional services to their customers, and to help shape the future of MVSD and its Engineering Department.

The Associate Engineer will be expected to hit the ground running and make an immediate difference in the design and construction management of ongoing and upcoming capital projects. The District’s 10-Year Capital Improvement Program is full of challenging collection system and plant projects, with multiple projects scheduled each year, and more that will likely be identified during that timeframe. The Associate Engineer will also assist the District Engineer in the long-term transition and improvement of in-house development review services, including the standardization and documentation of processes, and handling everything from small repair permits to large subdivisions. Finally, this position will be responsible for a variety of other Engineering Department functions including administration of various technical and customer services, coordination and oversight of outside agency projects, and engineering support to the District’s Operations, Administration, and Environmental Services Departments.

If you enjoy wearing many different hats and performing a broad range of engineering activities, and would like to join an organization that encourages versatility and professional development, this is the job for you!

MVSD provides wastewater collection, treatment and disposal services to a portion of the City of Martinez and unincorporated northeast land. MVSD also oversees, through a franchise agreement, trash collection, recycling and disposal services. An independent special district, MVSD serves an estimated population of around 19,000 with around 1,100 residential and commercial sewer connections. Wastewater reaches the plant through 100 miles of underground pipelines and four strategically spaced pump stations. Because MSVD has a small staff, employees must be versatile, willing to do a lot of different tasks and quickly to take on new roles and responsibilities. MVSD is one of the few sanitary districts in the State which discharges treated effluent into a series of marshes. This wetland is a rich and diverse area for wildlife and is readily accessible to the public. MSVD is a training focused organization that encourages its employees to grow and advance and offers training opportunities.

This exciting search is led by our firm's Senior Practice Leader, Jill Engelmann. The first review date is February 15, 2021. To learn more, click here.

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