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Welcome to Boucher Law!

We are pleased to announce that effective January 2020, Boucher Law is officially “live.” Founded by Christopher K. Boucher, a seasoned HR executive with a broad spectrum of industry experience, Boucher

Law was formed to serve the needs of today's HR professionals as a HR-centric and HR-focused labor and employment law firm. With changing federal, state, and local laws and regulations, our team pride ourselves in providing innovative, responsive, and practical legal solutions to meet our client's needs, and we recognize that there is no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to labor and employment law matters. We have worked with private employers, nonprofit organizations, public municipalities, utilities, aviation, maritime, special districts, school districts, as well as higher education employers in solving their complex legal challenges.

With an emphasis on labor law, our professional relationships with many of California’s labor unions and their representatives have allowed us to achieve win-win outcomes among management and labor, while promoting and achieving harmonious labor relations as a result. We serve as Chief Spokesperson in labor negotiations, and we frequently assist employers with making changes to existing terms and conditions of employment or the effects of those changes, as well as interpreting the meaning and application of labor contract provisions.

Our practical approach to resolving labor and employment law matters have earned us the high praise as the "practical" labor and employment lawyers. With a deeply rooted background in HR and a commitment to providing legal solutions that meet the practical needs of our employer clients, we strive to provide legal solutions that are everyday sensible, yet legally compliant.

As most of our clients require responsive legal support in today’s modern world, our firm is also committed to providing personalized and expedient services. We utilize technology to enhance what otherwise is considered a traditional law practice, and we are among a distinct group of law firms that have adopted a paperless practice, thereby allowing our attorneys to access important files and communicate with our clients in a secure, efficient, and effective manner.

In addition, our firm's commitment to providing practical HR solutions extends to a full suite of HR consulting practice and services, which allows our team of experienced HR Consultants to work collaboratively with our attorneys and clients for a seamless experience, and effectively allowing us to be your "one stop shop" for all of HR’s labor and employment needs, whether it is today, tomorrow, and beyond. Explore our services or contact Boucher Law today and experience our integrated and practical approach to innovative legal solutions for today's HR! Download digital flyer here.

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