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Heat Illness Prevention Requirements for California Employers

With recent temperatures reaching triple digits, this special "hot" edition of our firm's client alert focuses on heat illness prevention requirements for California employers. California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3395 requires all employers with “outdoor places of employment” to implement a heat illness prevention program that includes providing workers five-minute “cooldown” rest breaks in the shade. If an employee exhibits signs or reports symptoms of heat illness while taking a preventative cool-down rest or during a preventative cool-down rest period, an employer should also provide appropriate first aid or emergency response. In addition to mandatory break periods, employees must have access to potable water that is “fresh, pure, suitably cool, and provided free of charge.”

Further, employers should develop a Heat Illness Prevention Plan and provide training to each supervisory and non-supervisory employee before the employee begins work that should reasonably be anticipated to result in exposure to the risk of heat illness on a variety of topics prescribed by Cal/OSHA.

Lastly, employers in certain industries, including agriculture, construction, landscaping, oil and gas extraction, transportation or delivery of agricultural products, construction materials or other heavy materials must also implement high-heat procedures when the temperature equals or exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and ensure that the employee takes a minimum ten minute "preventative cool-down rest period" every two hours.

Clients of Boucher Law are welcome to consult with one of our team members to seek advice and recommendations regarding the above by calling our offices at (510) 838-1000 (Northern California) or (626) 838-1000 (Southern California). Stay cool everyone!

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