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Workplace Violence Incident Management Services

According to OSHA, nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year. Based on real life experiences and lessons learned, HR must be prepared to promptly respond to workplace violence incidents such as the following:

  • An employee suddenly expresses fascination with guns and rifles;

  • An employee tells their supervisor that they are "suicidal";

  • An employee receives an email at work expressing threats of violence;

  • An employee expresses concerns with experiencing domestic violence at home;

  • An employee demonstrates extreme anger towards their supervisor after receiving notice of discipline;

  • The employer receives a threat of violence posted on the front door from an

  • unknown party;

  • The employer has legitimate concerns for safety in the course of firing an employee;

  • An act of violence has been directed towards an employee by an outside party; and,

  • An employee has committed an act of violence in the workplace.

Under California law, employers have a general duty to keep their workplaces safe. In addition, employers may utilize applicable legal remedies such as by filing an ex parte, one-year (or renewed) gun violence restraining order, or a workplace violence restraining order (“WVRO”) to prevent unlawful violence or the threat of violence which can reasonably be construed to be carried out or have been carried out at the workplace.

Despite proactive training, in the unfortunate event that employee safety is of concern, employers must be ready to take swift action to prevent the occurrence and/or the re-occurrence of incidents related to acts of violence or concerns for employees’ well being and safety. Boucher Law possess the experience to assist employers with managing all phases of workplace violence incident management, including legal consultation and advice, safety and risk assessment, law enforcement contacts, private security service, employee assistance, and recovery and support services.

Boucher Law’s unique Workplace Violence “1-2-3” Incident Management Program combines its legal and practical HR and workplace safety expertise and takes a fully integrated approach towards partnering with employers of all sizes in managing workplace violence incidents where actual or threats of violence are involved. To that end, we bring together a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will assist with key program components.

With just a single phone call or email, Boucher Law will arrange our team of professionals to coordinate critical workplace violence incident management services, and in some cases, we can provide initial support within 24 hours, as we understand the urgency and criticality of these matters. You can trust our team’s combined years of experience in incident management and support (including cases involving fatality), so you can secure your workplace, protect your employees, and provide post-incident care through a partner that you can trust. We stand ready to partner and assist in any way we can towards protecting your organization and employees. Download digital flyer here.

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